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Product Description

This central driven double rotary tablet press stands out because of its new aesthetic and ergonomically improved design that is benefited with higher turret speed, powerful pre-compression force up to 5 Ton. And main compression force up to 10 Ton.

Reliable and easy to operate Blitz is fitted with Hydro-Pneumatic power pack for overload pressure release system to prevent damage to tooling and numerous alluring features like auto lubrication for centralized lubrication, central driven and easy to access front controls.

  • Central Drive system
  • Separate mechanical & drive zone from tablet compression zone
  • Three piece turret with SS 316 Die Plate
  • Three point height adjustment arrangement to adjust & Force Feeder
  • Upper punch penetration
  • Main & Pre compression force through Hydro-Pneumatic System
  • Tablet compression zone with transparent enclosures and safety interlocking system
  • Lower Cabinet including drive system enclosed with S.S.304 guards and safety interlocking system
  • Emergency Stop at the front panel
  • Hydro-Pneumatic System for the safety of machine and tooling against overload condition
  • Arrangement for quick changeover of lower punches & dies
  • Main tablet parameter controls at front for operational ease
  • ACVF drives for main & force feeder motors
  • 3 Nos. Filling Cams for various tablet thickness/weight
Technical Specifications
Models BLITZ
Tooling "D" "B" "BB"
No. of Stations 31 37 47
Max.Output (Tab/hr)* 223,200 266,400 338,400
Max. Pressure 10 Ton 6.5 Ton 6.5 Ton
Per-Compression 5 Ton 5 Ton 5 Ton
Max.Tablet Dia 25 mm 16 mm 11 mm
Max. Depth Of Fill 20 mm 17 mm 17 mm
Upper Punch Penetration-Main 3 to 6 mm 3 to 6 mm 3 to 6 mm
Upper Punch Penetration-Pre 2 to 5 mm 2 to 5 mm 2 to 5 mm
Main Motor 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP
Feeder Motor 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.5 HP
Total Power** 6 HP 6 HP 6 HP