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V Blender Equipment

The “V” Blender is a self-contained tumble blender intended for laboratory, Pilot-plant, and scale-up applications. It is suitable for processing a variety of materials including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods, cosmetics, plastics, synthetic fibers. As the “V” shaped blender rotates, the tumbling action brings about the mixing of the ingredients. The result is almost a consistent, uniform, predictable blend that can meet the product specification.

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Product Description

The “V” blender can be offered in the capacities of 0.5 KG, 1.0 KG, and 2.0 kg, available in 316 stainless steel. They are easily changeable and cleanable.


Materials to be processed are loaded to partially fill the “V” shaped blender. The blender is set in rotation at approximately 25 rpm (nominal). The material falls as the blender turns, ultimately towards the apex and then towards the legs of the “V”. the particles of the material move in both vertical and horizontal directions so that complete mixing occurs.

Gross Capacity : 2.2 lit.
Working Capacity : 1 lit.
Dimension : 275X122X270 mm
Net Weight : 3 Kg.
Gross Weight : 25 Kg.
Packing : 508 x 432 x 229 mm