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Moxie Press (Heavy Duty)

Chamunda’s Moxie is a part of Chamunda’s Single rotary tableting machine the advanced features required for the purpose of quality pharmaceutical products. Built on the principles of the latest tablet technology. This proven machine is suitable for a variety of applications in pharmaceutical and other similar industries etc.

The Moxie machine is available in the turret of 26 stations “Special” tooling.

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Product Description

This is the Central Drive Mechanism, where a reduction gearbox is fitted in the Bottom Cabinet, which is surrounded by Cabinet Guard. This is the one Type of Safety Feature, where it avoids breaking down the speed of the Turret.

  • Main Compression 20 Ton
  • Pre-Compression 10 Ton
  • SS304 Guard (Lower)
  • Cleaning easiness since the machine is to be cleaned
  • Cam track of HCHC and hardened up to 58 o 62 HRC (Upper & Lower)
  • Seals in the compression zone
  • Stainless steel fasteners & hardware in the compression zone
  • 3 Piece turret (Top plate & bottom plate SG Iron with 600/3 Grade, 2% Nickel, and Middle plate SS316L)
  • Turret with electroless nickel plating
  • Turret without brake plug, anti turning strip & RHS screw
  • Turret RPM – 20 (Fix Pulley Driver)
  • No punch key slot on the turret
  • Manual controls
  • Copper material not be used in the compression zone
  • Gasket sealing to be provided in lower guards
  • Pressure transducers instead of pressure gauge
  • IP-65 protection in operating cum control panel
  • Fixed pulley drive without electromagnetic clutch
  • Separate operating cum control panel (SS304 Material) with 5 Mtr. Cable
  • Punch guide area HCHC Material
  • Gravity feeder arrangement
  • Without FLP
  • No Proxy on the machine (Including upper guard)
  • Lower cabinet extra hole to be closed
  • Lower guard locking. Lock to be provide
  • Easy upper roll removal
  • Lower guard removal should be easy Hydro Pneumatic power pack will be provided outside of the machine
  • Turret run out must be 0.1mm (Maximum)
  • Contact parts SS316
  • Upper Punch Penetration
  • Pre-compression arrangement
  • Two-sided lifting upper track
  • Manual overload pressure release arrangement
  • Lower punch lubrication for punch stem
  • Auto lubrication arrangement for centralized lubrication
  • Hydraulic pressure by hydro-pneumatic power pack
  • Anti-vibration mount for vibration absorption
  • Inching
  • Anti-reverse protection
  • Main motor – Hindustan OR Crompton Make 415V/50Hz/Non-Flameproof
  • IP 67 protection in motor
  • Switchgear – Siemens make
Technical Specifications
No. Of Station 26
Tooling "Special"
Max.Main Compression Load (Tons) 20
Max. Pre Compression Load (Tons) 10
Turret RPM (fix) 20
Max.Output (Tablet/hr.) 31,200
Max.Tablet Dia. Φ 40mm
Max. Depth of Fill 30mm
Main Electric Motor (Drive without Clutch) 20 HP
Upper Punch Penetration (Main) 3 T0 6mm
Hyd. Pneumatic Power Pack 3 CFM @ 6 BAR PRESSURE
Total Power 20 HP (15 KW)
Power Supply 415 V AC,3 PH.AC 50 Hz