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Planetary Mixer Vacuum Jacketed

An ideal mixer for creams, ointments, pastes, and liquids, but also for wetted powders. The sturdily constructed planetary gear can be equipped with various mixing and kneading attachments, made of stainless steel. Depending upon the type of the material to be processed, a dough arm, a mixing paddle. Any material, which sticks to the walls of the kettle, is scraped continuously by the Teflon scrapper, which is shaped to fit exactly the kettle wall. Therefore, homogeneous mixing results in the shortest time.

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Product Description

The Vacuum planetary mixer is suitable for screwing on the main motor drive.

Gross Capacity : 0.5 lit.
Gross Capacity : 5 lit.
Working Capacity : 3-3.5 Ltrs
Dimension : 320 x 350 x 450 mm
Net Weight : 26 Kg.
Gross Weight : 36 Kg.
Packing : 890 x 430 x 430 mm