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ISSAC - Ci - 10008

ISSAC Ci 10008 is a part of the new Chamunda Intelligent Series Machines. It is a High-Speed Single Rotary Tableting Machine with an interchangeable Turret.

This highly sophisticated and intelligent machine is fully automated and is provided with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). The machine is equipped with advanced features required for the purpose of high-quality pharmaceutical production. Built on the principle of the latest tablet technology, Isaac Ci 10008 is highly versatile and ideally suitable for medium to large batch size productions.

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Product Description

Virtually a toolless design ensures rapid removal and immediate access to the various components in the Tablet Zone. Feeding system, Hooper, Discharge Chutes can be removed in no time for cleaning. This results in achieving optimum change over time.

The advanced feature of interchangeable turret enables it to incorporate all three types of turrets on a single machine. Swing type pre and main compression rolls, equal main and pre-compression forces, and all the tablet parameters can be controlled through a touch screen as the machine is provided with Servo Drives for all the tablet controls. This is available with a choice of turret having 37, 45, and 61 stations, corresponding to the various tooling requirements.

  • Single rotary high-speed tableting machine
  • Output up to 366,000 Tablets / hour*
  • Interchangeable Turret with change over time under 60 Minutes.
  • Swing type equal-sized pressure rolls with equal Pre and Main Compression Force up to 10 tons
  • Fully Automatic Controls – Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System (SCADA)
  • Main motor and Force Feeder motor driven through ACVFD.
  • The dial-less machine is provided with drive motors for tablet parameter setting.
  • Audit trails and summary reports.
  • Batch data reporting and printing.
  • Adjustable Upper Punch penetration through drive motor.
  • Safety Interlocking for Upper and Lower Guards.
Technical Specifications
No. of Stations 37 45 61
Type of Tooling D B BB
Max. Pressure 10 Ton 6.5 Ton 6.5 Ton
Max.Tablet Dia (mm) 25 16 11
Depth of Fill 21 18 18
Max.Output (Tab/hr)* 222,000 270,000 366,000
Upper punch Penetration (mm) 3 to 6mm 3 to 6mm 3 to 6mm
Main Electric Motor 15 HP 15 HP 15 HP
(Driven Through ACVFD) Feeder Motor 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.5 HP
(Driven Through ACVFD) Electrical Supply** 21 HP, 3 ∅, A.C. 21 HP, 3 ∅, A.C. 21 HP, 3 ∅, A.C.
(Without ancillary equipment) Compressed Air Supply 15 CFM at 8 Bar 15 CFM at 8 Bar 15 CFM at 8 Bar