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V Blender

Chamunda ‘V’ Blender is an intensive mixing system designed specially to handle ordered dry mixing of excipients such as cohesive as well as adhesive powder. This rotating shell-V-type blender with no packing glands around the shafts entering the chamber ensures total elimination of cross-contamination. The special design ensures minimal attrition when blending fragile granules and is suitable for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food & Cosmetic industries.

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  • Rotating V-Type Shell with large capacity
  • Easy loading & unloading
  • Special baffles to increase mixing shear
  • Integrated Vacuum loading option available
  • Material of construction SS 316L
  • Wide Capacity options available from 5 – 1200L, with custom, made capacities up to 10000L
  • Intensifier bar for special applications available
  • Dust-free operations when combined with Bin charging system
  • Near-complete discharge of product material
  • No shaft projection; hence no product contamination
  • Easy to clean with internal attachments like lump breakers and liquid dispensers
Technical Specifications
Models Gross Capacity (in Liters) Working Capacity (in Liters) Motor HP Approx. Weight (in kg)
CPM-VB-100 100 70 3 800
CPM-VB-300 300 210 3 2000
CPM-VB-500 500 350 5 2600
CPM-VB-1000 1000 700 7.5 3000
CPM-VB-2000 2000 1400 10 4000
CPM-VB-5000 5000 3500 15 5500
CPM-VB-10000 10000 7000 25 7000