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Mini Roll Compactor GMP Model

CM Mini Roll Compactor is totally based on the method of Dry Granulation. The powder charged in the feed hopper is pre-densified and fed between two counter-rotating rolls. As the volume decreases through the region of maximum pressure, the material is formed into a solid compacted sheet. The densified sheets can then be granulated to any desired mesh size with the use of CM Granulator or CM Communicating Mill. CM Mini Roll Compactor is designed to the same principle and mode of operation as that of production size CM Roll Compactor.

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Product Description

Chamunda Pharma Machinery has valuable name in roller compactor machine manufactures and other machines. Founded in 1981 Chamunda Pharma Machinery with a vision to be the most trusted name for manufacturing high quality roll compactor machine at affordable prices, we have achieved this goal with our customers from across the globe. Passionate about safety and security of their machinery, we have invested heavily in research & development that ensures that all products are designed as per international safety standards so as to minimize risks of accidents on site during operation. We also provide installation support for our customers who wish to have their equipment installed locally or overseas.

  • Contact Parts in SS 316 Except Roll
  • Water Jacketed
  • Corrugated Type  Roll
  • Manually operated hydraulic hand pump for Roll force and feed screw lifting
  • Roll - Driven through ACVFD
  • Feed Screw Conical type-driven through ACVFD
  • PU Castor wheel with brake for mobility (For Machine)
  • Machine operating by push button station (Inbuilt)
  • Roll & Feed Screw Motor - 3 phase / 415V / 50 Hz / Non-Flame proof
Technical Specifications
Working Capacity* 2 to 5 kg / hr.
Roll Force Max 8 Tons
Roll Speed 3-29 RPM Variable
Feed Screw Speed 5-86 RPM Variable
Electrical Supply** 2.5 HP, 10, A.C.