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Lab Coat Ci 375

Chamunda Lab Coat Ci 375 is used for uniformity coat tablets by spraying them with coating materials controlled environment & on a moving tablet bed. The hot air entering this equipment will enable a very efficient drying of tablets, while they are being coated.

Auto coater has been designed to carry out the most perfect and uniform coating with the minimum intervention of the operator. Lab Coat is designed as a free-standing, totally enclosed unit, with in WIP System. Its interiors are accessible through leak-proof doors provided on the Right & left sides.

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  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • Modular Design
  • Accurate batch consistency with high production efficiency & effective spraying with special design anti bearding type guns
  • Accurate temperature control within ± 2° C
  • In-built WIP system
  • Quick accessibility for maintenance & cleaning
  • Quick-release of Plenums for cleaning of Pan and Plenums
  • Effective sealing of doors
  • Fully Automatic Operation through Programmable Logic Controller
  • Sugar Coating System (optional)
  • Interchangeable Pans (optional)
  • Flameproof Construction (optional)
Technical Specifications
MODEL Ci 375
Working Capacity* - kg 2-4
Pan Diameter - mm 375
Pan mouth Diameter - mm 170
Pan Speed - RPM 2-18
Main Drive Motor HP 1
Inlet Fan Air Volume (CFM ± 10 %) 240
Outlet Fan Air Volume (CFM ± 10 %) 300
Electric Heater - kW 9
Compressed Air Pressure (bar) 6
Electrical Supply"* 415 V 10%, 3 0, AC