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Cantilever Type – Roll Compactor

Chamunda Roll Compactor Cantilever, the machine is used for increased bulk density, making granules, dust-free processing, and reducing the particle size of pharmaceutical ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry, in food as well as chemical industry for densification and granulation of powder, Life science product, bulk drugs & beverages Segments.

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  • Cantilever Type Roll Design
  • inline cake crusher & 2 stages granulator
  • Roll–driven through ACVFD
  • Hydraulic power pack for roll pressure & feed screw lifting
  • Twin feed screw system for both horizontal & vertical feeding
  • De-Aeration system in Vertical Feed Screw
  • WIP provision only
  • PLC System
  • Mechanical Roll loading/unloading arrangement
Optional Features
  • Comprehensive Automation including
  • Roll gap measurement & control
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Vacuum Powder Transfer System
  • Closed-loop system with structure & surrounding platform
Technical Specifications
MODEL CPMRC - 300 / 125
Working Capacity - Throughput 100 to 400 kg / hr.
Roll Size (mm) Ø300 X 125 W
Roll Speed 6 To 22 RPM (Variable through ACVFD)
Feed Screw Speed (Horizontal) 10 To 60 RPM (Variable through ACVFD)
Feed Screw Speed (Vertical) 10 To 200 RPM (Variable through ACVFD)
Roll Force 22 Ton by 2 Cylinder
Roll Drive Motor 12.5 HP
Feed Screw Motor (Horizontal) 2.0 HP
Feed Screw Motor (Vertical) 5.0 HP